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Baptized By Fire -- Northwood, OH -- January 19th, 2007

My band Baptized By Fire played its first show last night. It was sort of a “secret” show in the sense that we played a smaller venue and didn’t really tell anybody about it, because on Wednesday the 24th we’re playing at a larger venue opening for a national act. Friday was just sort of a warm-up show. My sister’s boyfriend is in a band that spent all summer touring, but then broke up when their drummer went into the Air Force. He was back this weekend, so they decided to play one last show. They needed a couple other bands to play, so he asked me if Baptized would like to, and we said sure. This show was mostly a laid-back jam style show, so our set was mostly covers.

We had one of our friends film the whole set, so we could see how it looked, and hear how it sounded. There’s some video at the end if you wanna see how awesome/terrible we are.

Anyways, there were four bands for the night, and we went on second, which is impressive, because we did not pre-sell more than four tickets on account of not telling people about the show. Our set started around 8:45.

Children of the Grave (Black Sabbath)
Eternal Exile
The Mission (Queensryche)
N.I.B. (Black Sabbath)
The Wickerman (Iron Maiden)
Candlelight Requiem

War Pigs (Black Sabbath) – Encore

We definitely had some problems with our set and sound setup. The venue’s monitor system was fucked up and the only thing coming through it was vocals. So we could not hear guitar or drums and only a little bass (mostly what we could feel.) It was so bad on some of the songs we thought the guitar must’ve come unplugged. This definitely created some problems. On “The Mission” the drummer kept going after the solo, because he didn’t hear me end it. Heheheh. But we played through all the problems (such as me accidentally unplugging my bass in “The Wickerman.”)

The crowd was pretty responsive. As I said, we did not really invite anyone to this show, so we were mostly playing to people there for other bands. Most people had dispersed during the first band’s set (which was pretty awful) but a big group came back as we started “Messiah” which was sweet. They stayed for all the songs too. We actually had some moshing going on, which was totally unexpected. We got lighters for N.I.B., and some people came down front and started singing “War Pigs” with us at the end.

When we got off stage we had a ton of people come up and compliment us. So all in all we had a blast. It was our vocalist’s first time ever on stage (since a third grade talent show) so we were all a bit nervous about how it’d go, but we thought it went well, aside from some of the glitches that we worked through. And even though we didn’t sell much the guy that owns the venue came up to us after the show and said he’d book us anytime we wanted to play there

Messiah - here's a video of our first song from the night (notice my Maiden wirstband )
2/24 - The Foundry
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