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Originally Posted by SnakeCharmer View Post
I completley disagree with this list and here's why:

1. Maiden - a good album but its not a #1.
2. Mastodon - its ok but its nowhere near the level of Leviathan and the last 3-4 songs are completely skippable.
3. Amon Amarth - This is a good one but its not a top 3 album.
4. Queensryche - The love affair for QR needs to stop. This is a poor attempt in recapturing the old glory. Clean the wax out of years and start figuring out that this band died long ago!
5. Blind Guardian - I had never skipped a song in a BG album before but this one made me press skip 3x.
6. Edguy - the dumbing down of what used to be a great band continues...
7. I - Abbath could release a banjo album and everyone would praise it as the best thing since sliced bread. This one is completely overrated.
8. Tool - UGH!!! Watching paint dry is better than listening to this drivel. The sad thing is the bands like The End and Isis are following this band's path towards mediocrity.
9. Circle II Circle - I dont even know where to begin as to how bland this power metal album is. For shit's sake, you guys need to get some Wolf, Astral Doors, Manticora or Wolf for some real metal.
10. Slayer - So Dave Lombardo returns and that means Slayer is back at being great again? WRONG!!! This is God Hates Us All with better drumming, which in itself means nothing at all.

As far as the honorable mentions go people need to listen to more Summoning, Agalloch and Amorphis.

You know what this list makes me sad. Either people are not exposing themselves to a lot of metal or people just like to be spoon fed by simplicty and mediocrity.

Have any of you heard Drudkh, Benighted, Culf of Luna, Peste Noire, Suidakra, Red Sparowes, Hammers of Misfortune or Yakuza (to name a few)? These are bands that are taking metal to the next level but I feel that not a lot of people here know about them.

Ok, rant over.

I still love all of you though.
Jeez, elitist much?
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