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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
1.) Pure Rock Fury
2.) Burning Beard
3.) The Incomparable Mr. Flannery
4.) Mercury
5.) Juggernaut
6.) The Elephant Riders
7.) Pulaski Skyway
8.) Circus Maximus
9.) Open Up The Border
10.) Red Horse Rainbow
11.) Sea Of Destruction
12.) Gullah
13.) Never Be Moved
14.) Brazenhead
15.) Smoke Banshee
16.) Frankenstein
17.) 10001110101
18.) Land Of Pleasant Living
19.) The Great Outdoors!
20.) Gravel Road


21.) Careful With That Mic
22.) The Mob Goes Wild
23.) Mice And Gods

Clearly I am in need of a few more Clutch records (HINT HINT Brad )
You truly do need their entire discography. I'll start sending 'em one by one. And Ascent of Everest, kinda forgot about that one
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