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Okay, 1. AMOLAD is not THAT good, upon reflection I shouldn't have put it so high on my list, or even had it on my list at all (not that it would have changed anything). 2. Fuck Mastodon. 3. Correct. 4. OMCII is horribly mediocre, put any other title on it and it's just another shitty, irrelevant Queensryche release. 5. A Twist is not as bad as I first thought, but it's still pretty damn mediocre. 6. Rocket Ride is fun to listen to, but it's joke music, and should be taken as just that--a joke. 7. I'm fucking surprised and glad Between Two Worlds made it so high. I'm proud of you guys, sort of. 8. More boring Tool. Next. 9. Don't even know them, how did they get so far? 10. A completely worthless album. The only time it's any good at all is when it's a poor Reign in Blood clone--that said, I'll stick to Reign in Blood, thanks.
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