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Originally Posted by SnakeCharmer
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A big thanks to our Director of Set List Intelligence!!!

"About a couple of months ago one of my buddies that lives up north let me know that Gwar was going to come back to Los Angeles in February. He saw them (here in LA) the same night in December that I saw Satyricon and so I figured it would be a good time to hang out with him and one of his friends at a Gwar show (especially since I’ve never been to a Gwar show). When it was announced that Alabama Thunderpussy was joining the bill I was more than sold in attending this show since Fulton Hill was one of my favorite albums of 2004. Well, I can be a procrastinator when it comes to buying tickets and it looked like it was going to cost me dearly this time because when I checked for tickets a couple of days before the show it was already sold-out. But luck would come my way in that my buddy got sick and could not go to the show so he sent me his tickets (thanks again Ed!!) and I took my roommate (a non-metal fan) to see this show.

We arrived just as Alabama Thunderpussy was starting to play. I was very surprised because for some reason I thought that they would be the band right before Gwar. No matter, we got right in front of the stage and soon the band started playing “Ol’Unfaithful” from the Staring at the Divine album. Right away I was drawn to guitarist Erik Larson with his Flying V guitar, trucker hat, long hair and beard . The other guitarist, Ryan Lake, was impressive throughout the set especially when he started playing the slide guitar during “Bear Baiting” (I think Ryan played it during this song). Heavily tattooed drummer Bryan Cox and cool and relaxed bassist Mike (he just joined the band in the past month and I don't know what his last name is but he did a fantastic job with all the material) were an extremely tight rhythmic section. Finally, singer John Weills did a fantastic job of leading the way showing a lot of emotion and power with his voice and he didn’t even miss a beat when the microphone cord got disconnected at one moment.

While the band may not have moved a lot on stage they did play a high energy set that also included “Infested” and “R.R.C.C.”, two more songs from Fulton Hill. John also didn’t do a lot of talking but when he did speak he said some hilarious things like when he introduced “Lunar Eclipse” as a song about “fucking werewolves”, yes actually “fucking” a werewolf. They finished their half-hour set with a song for “those who have/love motorcycles”, “Motor-Ready”. (I know that they played 7 songs but I can only remember the 6 I mentioned.) Overall, as their set progressed the band began to win more and more of the people in attendance and when they finished they got a well-deserved applause. Seeing Alabama Thunderpussy for the first time was a great experience and I hope to see them live again.

The next band was All That Remains which they are one of those melodic death metal/hardcore hybrid’s that is all the rage right now. I did not care for them too much and so I spent my time smoking outside or checking out the merchandise section and chatting with Ryan for a while. They had some cool stuff for sale and I was going to buy something from them but not until the end of the show because I didn’t want to have a brand new shirt on me with Gwar yet to play. (Unfortunately I never made it back to get the shirt. Sorry Erik!) Anyways, All That Remains finished their set and it was soon time for Gwar to hit the stage.

As I mentioned earlier I had never before seen Gwar live but I had heard plenty of stories on what to expect with one of their shows. Well, everything that I was told was true and after experiencing a Gwar show I have to say that everyone has to see them at least once. Whatever you may think of their music there is no denying the energy, the creativity, the commentary, the fun and the constant barrage of “blood” and other “bodily fluids” is extremely entertaining to watch.

Besides the impressive band’s costumes and stage, all the costumes of the personalities they killed were even more impressive. So I don’t spoil anything for anyone I will just mention that the people who made an appearance were Paris Hilton, George W. Bush, Osama Bin Laden, Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Laci Peterson, The Reaganator and Bonecrusher. Since prior to the show I didn’t know any of the songs I will not be able to report an accurate set list but I did have to do some research to find out one song that I remembered that almost everyone at the club was singing, that song was “Sick of You” and it was truly awesome.

With the Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” playing on the PA after Gwar finished their show, the crowd slowly filed out while one of the band’s stage hands kept soaking people with a cannon-looking contraption. Outside of the club a lot of people looked weary, battered and soaked but there was no denying that everyone had a great time. I can’t say enough what a great show this was and I see myself going to see Gwar every time they come to Los Angeles."
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