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Carnivore -- New York, NY -- January 13th, 2007

K, may as well do this. The night started off with Annunaki, who opened for Carnivore the last time I saw them. Musically pretty bland, but their guitarist is a madman. Next was Godless Rising, a pretty straightforward death metal/Slayerized band that had all the NYDM crew out in force. Then Dimentianon, also not bad but nothing really special. After that comes a fat, bearded, scruffy-haired guy limping onstage with a cane--Seth Putnam of the infamous Anal Cunt. Yes, they were pretty much hilarious. They did an awesome cover of Manowar's Gloves of Metal. Anyway, next was Lair of the Minotaur, and as is the case with their music, they were 'ok' and essentially fun. I grabbed the setlist from the drummer (there's no rail at this place and I was right up against the stage):

Juggernaut of Metal
The Ultimate Destroyer
The Wolf
Caravan of Blood Soaked Kentauroi
Grisly Hound of the Pit
Cannibal Massacre

(Carnage Fucking Carnage is on the list but they cut it due to time constraints)

Then, after a fucking ridiculously long wait for everything to be set up, there was Carnivore. Basically, they were better when I saw them at BB's in September, but they were still pretty awesome. I'm fairly sure they played the exact same set, so I'll try to get the correct order:

Intro: Fanfare for the Common Man/Jaws (recording)
Race War
Jack Daniels and Pizza (recording)
Angry Neurotic Catholics
Male Supremacy
Inner Conflict
Helter Skelter
Jesus Hitler
World Wars III and IV
Sex and Violence

So yeah, now I'm exhausted and still smeared with blood. I gotta get some fucking sleep.

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