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Thumbs up ADD's Top 100 Albums of 2006

Though the title is a bit misleading, since 100 is the number of total albums I actually have from this year and therefore I didn't have to condense anything down to make it 100, this thread counts down all the albums I bought/borrowed/downloaded in 2006. As I mentioned in my previous posting, collecting albums by year is very important to me, for a number of reasons, but this year I really went a little over-the-top. Next year I'll probably cut it to 50, because I was hoping to accompany each entry with a short summary or blurb about the album, but with so many to do there just wasn't enough time. Plus, it gets overwhelming having to go through so much music, and sometimes its just arbitrary that one album gets more plays than another. Its impossible to accurately rank 100 albums in a least favorite to favorite ordering, but I did my best. I have no specific formula of how I base my opinions on an album, or why they are in a specific spot in this list, but some of the things I consider are; songwriting talent, individual skills of the instrumentalists, how memorable the music is, the artwork and entire production, the lyrics and concepts, and most importantly of all the reaction it has on me. With such a wide array of styles here, I could throw on an album for any mood I'm in really, and the emotional, spiritual, or mental effects it has on me weighs in greatly on how much I attach myself to it. Being able to sort of 'identify' with an album is a great thing, thats why I always try to pay attention to the circumstances I'm listening under; the weather, the ambiance, how I'm feeling, etc. This is how music leaves a lasting mark for me at least. Not to make it sound so scientific, as in practice these things happen more subconsciously without really thinking about it, but that's kind of my insights on the subject. By any account, this was a hard and sometimes tedious process, but I only do it cuz I really truly love music with all my being, and to me there are few things I'd rather be doing otherwise. So, without further ado, I will count down my top 100 albums of 2006.

Remember, if anyone is curious about an album from a band they aren't familiar with perhaps, or just would like a more in-depth opinion I would love to write up a review or something, so don't be hesitant to chime in. Also, the only reason Trivium is on here is because of a cruel trick my friends played on me; I let my friend from school borrow the new Edguy album, and upon giving it back he had put in the new Trivium inside, which I didn't realize until I opened up the case back at home. I figured what the hell and gave it a listen. It stands as a landmark for me, a reminder of everything wrong with the trendy metal scene today, about what happens when labels start mass-producing metal bands the way that pop stars are churned out. Listening to The Crusade was actually a depressing experience, because I just got the notion that whatever artistic integrity and fire this band may have once had has been completed drained by the label seeking to capitalize on their popularity and the rise of metalcore. At least on Ascendancy this band sounded like themselves, like hungry musicians who wanted to play the music they liked (no matter how geigh it might sound to my ears). To see how they have been so neatly packaged and assembled for mass consumption is really a frightening testament to the power of the music industry and its effect on bands. I actually felt sorry listening to it, practically imagining the producer telling Heafy to try to imitate Hetfield, and to make every song a cookie-cutter wannabe metal anthem with half-assed "catchy" riffing and no soul whatsoever. I'm glad I have it here as my definitive last-place album, a stark reminder of the horrors of mass-produced metal.

NOTE: the list will count down from #100 to #1, and I will post it out #99-90, #89-80, #79-70, and so on. I'd appreciate if nobody made any posts in this thread after the whole thing is done so that it goes neatly together. Thanks.

EDIT: Ok, the second half of the list will go up tonight.

EDIT 2: Top 20 later.

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