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Enslaved -- New York, NY - - January 10th, 2007

Ok, so first off, a little anecdote from the night: I wanted to wear my Hellhammer - Satanic Rites shirt to this show, but as I was going to the show right from work and that shirt isn't exactly work-friendly, I wore my KD - Abigail shirt in the morning, planning to change in the car once I got to the train station. Well, I forgot to bring the Hellhammer shirt, so I was stuck with Abigail. Fast forward a while, about three songs into the first band's set--Abigail Williams, they were awful goth-metalcore crap--I remembered what shirt I was wearing and felt like an idiot.


Here are the songs Enslaved played, in some semblance of the correct order, but probably not exactly:

Path to Vanir
Fusion of Sense and Earth
The Voices
Return to Yggdrasil
Queen of Night
Slaget i Skogen Bortenfor

These guys are really tight live musicians--in an interview included on the Isa CD, Grutle talks about how in recent years they've really tried to improve their live show and give 100% effort, and it shows. The set was pretty great, though very heavy on the new album... but I like it, so I had no qualms about that. It was awesome that they closed with a track from the fucking Hordane's Land EP (the split they did with Emperor for you noobs), I was NOT expecting that.

Then there was Dark Funeral. Fat, aging, balding guys in clownish corpsepaint and ridiculous armor is not my idea of grim (and generic, bland black metal is not my idea of good music), but, regardless, they were marginally fun to listen to live. They had more headbanging opportunities than I expected. Anyway I had to leave just before their encore to catch my train back. That was followed by an adventure of having to change trains in Newark, waiting there for an hour and a half, all the while talking to some random girl (who was stuck in the same situation) who was nice enough, but tried to relate to the fact that I had just come from a concert by telling me about Saves the Day, Brand New, etc. I got home at 3 AM and had work at 8. Kvlt.

Also, I was looking through the booklets of the two Enslaved discs I own (Isa and Ruun), and ALL of the music and lyrics were written (or co-written for a few songs) by some guy named I. Peersen, who is not in the band. WTF?

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