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Originally Posted by Div View Post
I'm glad to see positive mentionings of A Twist In The Myth

Here's a little 06 review of my own:

Best 06 Album Purchased: AMOLAD
Best 06 Album Hooliganized: Between Two Worlds
Best 06 Show: I'm gonna give this to Maiden. Events leading up to that show sucked ass (4 hours of stop and go traffic just to get less than 20 miles) but the show itself was great.
Best Discovery: SABATON
Best 06 DVD: Alive In Athens
Most Anticipated Album Of 06: I'll say Mindcrime II.

Here's to [2k7]
Good call their on Alive in Athens, though personally I'd rank it #2 behind Kamelot's "One Cold Winter's Night"... still, it's really great to finally have that video after years of wanting it.
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