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Originally Posted by PowerMaiden View Post
Too bad I didn't know you were at that show we could have met at the tailgate before the show, I drove the 8 hours from Montreal to Phily for this one

Ferore The Show (I'm the small one with the Beavers shirt)

After The Show (my G/F and my friend Henry from Phily & me)

As for the show it's was excellent, crowd was so-so compared with the Québec city & Montreal ones but still pretty good,and too bad the tank didn't work in Camden.

Up The Irons !

Cheers !
Very cool. Too bad we didn't know before-hand... Oh well. Nice pics... For some reason I think I remember seeing you, I could be wrong... that whole evening has become a glorious blur.
Here's a picture of me and my friends though:
I'm second in from the right, wearing the Dance of Death shirt.
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