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Originally Posted by Yoda View Post
I've read Blaze is about to get married. Things can't be going that badly for him. He was a complete chemically-dependent mess a couple years back.

His band was made of people from various countries with little connection to him who play in a bunch of bands simultaneoulsy and probably work day jobs as well. It was always kind of iffy.

While the sudden nature of this is weird, I do suspect he'll eventually get another album together. Based on his earlier releases, I expect it will be good.

I must add that it's REALLY weird that nothing of this is on planetblaze.
Oh yeah, I'm sure things are fine for him personally. Professionally though, it has to be tough.

Ah, I didn't know if his band was full-time part of Blaze or not.

Definitely, I really like the Blaze solo albums. And the new song that was leaked however long ago was pretty cool.
2/24 - The Foundry
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