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Originally Posted by EvilCheeseWedge View Post
Me neither. I can't blame his band either. I don't know if those guys work day jobs or not, but, well, they probably have to. I think it's pretty obvious Blaze's career as a musician has peaked. Not really sure what I'd do in his situation.
I've read Blaze is about to get married. Things can't be going that badly for him. He was a complete chemically-dependent mess a couple years back.

His band was made of people from various countries with little connection to him who play in a bunch of bands simultaneoulsy and probably work day jobs as well. It was always kind of iffy.

While the sudden nature of this is weird, I do suspect he'll eventually get another album together. Based on his earlier releases, I expect it will be good.

I must add that it's REALLY weird that nothing of this is on planetblaze.
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