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Well, heres all the patches on my jacket (my pride and joy)

Right Sleeve:
Cannibal Corpse logo
Slayer Logo in Pentagram
Megadeth yellow logo on the cuff

Left Sleeve:
Pantera skull logo
yellow cross (rightside up)

Front-Left Side
Graveworm logo
Down logo
Blind Guardian logo (14 incher )
VMA-331 Marine Assault Hornet on Missile

Front-Right Side
BLS skull logo
Kreator Logo
Napalm Death Logo
Large Harley Davidson 'shield'

Back Patch=Holy Diver

Back-Above Back Patch
Judas Priest-Angel of Retribution
Grave Digger-Cross impaling Earth
Danzig skull
Thundercats logo (between Danzig horns)
Opeth Logo
Amon Amarth Logo

Back-Left of Back Patch:
Rush logo with star dude
American Flag
Trans Siberian Orchestra-Tiger/Guitar
Shadows Fall logo
Sepultura-Name overlaying Tribal S

Back-Right of Back Patch
Johnny Cash-Name flanked by two revolvers
Spinal Tap logo
Hammerfall-Wants You with the Knight
Kataklysm-In the Arms of Devastation cover

Back-Under Back Patch
Iron Maiden logo
Cradle of Filth logo

suck on all that
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