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Iron Maiden- Purgatory cover w/logo on back
Iron Maiden- Powerslave cover w/tour dates (sleeveless)
Iron Maiden- Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son cover w/Eddie on back
Iron Maiden- Fear Of The Dark cover w/album title backprint
Iron Maiden- Virtual XI cover w/tour dates on back
Iron Maiden- These Colours Don't Run w/song title backprint
Iron Maiden- A Matter Of Life And Death soldier (longsleeve)
Death- Scream Bloody Gore cover w/song titles on back and "1967-2001"
Death- Leprosy cover w/ song titles on back (sleeveless)
Death- Spiritual Healing cover w/ song title and band photo on back
Death- logo
Tool- 10,000 Days "Net of Being" w/tour dates on back
Tool- 10,000 Days eyes w/tour dates on back
Dio- Holy Diver cover w/tour dates on back
Dio- Master Of The Moon cover w/tour dates on back
Led Zeppelin- white shirt w/blimp logo
Rush- R30 red shirt w/tour dates on back
Isis- Selopus w/logo
Judas Priest- Painkiller cover w/logo on back
Metallica- solider woman w/logo on back
Mastodon- Blood Mountain cover brown shirt w/tour dates on back
Opeth- Orchid cover w/logo on back
Jimi Hendrix- playing guitar w/Stone Free on back
Queensryche- Back With One Foot In Hell w/tour dates on back
Behemoth- Demigod cover w/quote on back

I have a Pink Floyd and Slayer shirt that I never wear cuz they don't fit me anymore and they're not that cool. Also have Live After Death and Brave New World hoodies (Maiden, for t3h n00bs).
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