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not all of mine are in my closet right now, butI will try to put together a list.

Dimebag Darrell '' Tribute
Cannibal Corpse 'Kill'
Kataklysm 'In the Arms of Devastation'
Trans-Siberian Orchestra 'guitar against wall' (hardly wear)
Motorhead 'Everything Louder than Everything else' (never wear)
Bootlegged Megadeth 'System Has Failed
Metallica Garage Days Revisted (hardly wear)
Dio 'Stand Up and Shout' (hardly wear)
Gigantour 2005 (never wear)
Dio 'Ronnies Face'
Black Label Society 'BLS' logo
Iron Maiden 'Powerslave cover/World Slavery Tour'
Sepultura 'Dante XXI'
Slayer 'Seasons in the Abyss US Campaign'
Mastodon 'Blood Mountain'
Iron Maiden 'World Slavery Tour w/ Mummy Eddie'
Meatloaf 'Bat Outta Hell'
Iced Earth 'When the Eagle Cries'
In Flames 'Red Jester Face on front'
Kenoma logo
Lacuna Coil group shot
Emperor 'Rider'
Cradle of Filth group shot
Johnny Cash "At Folsom Prison"
Nevermore 'This Godless Endeavor Tour 2006'
Evergrey 'Monday Morning Apocalypse Tour 2006'

thats all I can remember for now
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