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Thank you

2007 is really gonna start off with a bang with the new Moonsorrow in the first week of releases

EDIT: The Melechesh is already out in Europe, so I think you should probably take it off the list since it won't count for next year anyways.

And this is what's on my list so far:

Jan. 9- MOONSORROW- V: Havitetty
Jan. 30- ZOZOBRA- Harmonic Tremors
Jan. 30- DAATH- The Hinderers
Feb. 6- THERION- Gothic Kabbalah
Feb. 20- NOVEMBERS DOOM- The Novella Reservoir
Feb. 20- MINSK- The Ritual Fires of Abandonment
Feb. 20- RWAKE- Voices of Omens
Feb. 20- TROUBLE- Simple Mind Condition

Oh, and Jesu's new full-length "Conqueror" comes out on February 20 also (hell of a day for new releases). But I already downloaded it

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