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2007 Album Release Calendar

Attention: These are United States release dates.

Jan. 9- 7000 DYING RATS- Season in Hell
Jan. 9- MOONSORROW- V: Havitetty
Jan. 9- MOURNING DAWN- Mourning Dawn
Jan. 16- ARCHITECT- All Is Not Lost
Jan. 16- ELIS- Griefshire
Jan. 16- FAIRYLAND- The Fall of An Empire
Jan. 16- DIE VERBANNTEN KINDER EVAS- Dusk and Void Become Alive
Jan. 23- VEHEMENTER NOS- Vehementer Nos
Jan. 23- SINNER- Mask of Sanity
Jan. 23- FEAR MY THOUGHTS- Vulcanus
Jan. 23- THE NETWORK- This Is Your Pig's Portrait
Jan. 23- EKTOMORF- Outcast
Jan. 23- A DAY TO REMEMBER- For Those Who Have Heart
Jan. 23- BENEATH THE SKY- What Demons Do To Saints
Jan. 23- SINCE THE FLOOD- No Compromise
Jan. 23- THIS ENDING- Inside the Machine
Jan. 23- CASSIUS- I Am Jim Jones
Jan. 23- NAHEMAH- The Second Philosophy
Jan. 23- FJORD- Lives Lives
Jan. 23- PHAZM- Antebellum Death n' Roll
Jan. 23- FREYA- Lift the Curse
Jan. 23- IMPIOUS- Bloodline
Jan. 23- THE COUNTY MEDICAL EXAMINERS- Olidous Operettas
Jan. 23- YEAR OF DESOLATION- Year of Desolation
Jan. 23- VIETNAM- Vietnam
Jan. 30- GRAVE DIGGER- Liberty or Death
Jan. 30- ZOZOBRA- Harmonic Tremors
Jan. 30- FUNERAL- From These Wounds
Jan. 30- DAMIERA- M(us)ic
Jan. 30- TRAIL OF TEARS- Existentia
Jan. 30- PAIN OF SALVATION- Scarsick
Feb. 6- GAZPACHO- Night
Feb. 6- BLACKFIELD- Blackfield II
Feb. 6- MNEMIC- Passenger
Feb. 6- THERION- Gothic Kabbalah
Feb. 6- MY BITTER END- The Renovation
Feb. 6- CAR BOMB- Centralia
Feb. 6- THE END- Elementary
Feb. 6- LAETHORA- March of the Parasite
Feb. 6- TITAN- A Raining Sun of Light and Love, For You and You and You
Feb. 6- CLOUDS- Legendary Demo
Feb. 6- AEREOGRAMME- My Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go
Feb. 6- BENEATH THE MASSACRE- Mechanics of Dysfunctions
Feb. 6- IMPIOUS- Holy Murder Masquerade
Feb. 6- THE PROPHECY- Revelations
Feb. 6- MEN AS TREES- From the Crow's Nest, Looking Out
Feb. 13- VILLAINS- Drenched In The Poisons
Feb. 20- DIR EN GREY- The Marrow of a Bone
Feb. 20- THE GLASSPACK- Dirty Women
Feb. 20- ECHOES OF ETERNITY- The Forgotten Goddess
Feb. 20- JESU- Conqueror
Feb. 20- NOVEMBERS DOOM- The Novella Reservoir
Feb. 20- MINSK- The Ritual Fires of Abandonment
Feb. 20- RWAKE- Voices of Omens
Feb. 20- ENSIFERUM- Victory Songs
Feb. 20- WATAIN- Sworn to the Dark
Feb. 20- MACHINE MEN- Circus of Fools
Feb. 20- DARK MOOR- Tarot
Feb. 20- FU MANCHU- We Must Obey
Feb. 20- HOT CROSS- Risk Revival
Feb. 20- IAMTHETHORN- You Are the Lamb
Feb. 20- THE HIDDEN HAND- The Resurrection of Whiskey Foote
Feb. 20- EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY- All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone
Feb. 20- ABORTED- Slaughter and Apparatus: A Methodical Overture
Feb. 20- NAHEMAH- The Second Philosophy
Feb. 20- NINE- It's Your Funeral
Feb. 20- KITTIE- Funeral for Yesterday
Feb. 20- PSYOPUS- Our Puzzling Encounters Considered
Feb. 20- RED HARVEST- A Greater Darkness
Feb. 27- DEMIURG- Breath of the Demiurg
Feb. 27- DISBELIEF- Navigator
Feb. 27- ANNUNAKI- Throne Of The Annunaki
Feb. 27- THE GLASSPACK- Dirty Women
Mar. 6- THIS MOMENT- Star < Parallel
Mar. 6- SIRENIA- Nine Destines And a Downfall
Mar. 6- MENDEED- The Dead Live By Love
Mar. 6- DYING FETUS- War of Attrition
Mar. 6- SEVENDUST- Alpha
Mar. 6- CHIMAIRA- Resurrection
Mar. 6- ONSLAUGHT- Killing Peace
Mar. 6- BIG BUSINESS- Here Come the Waterworks
Mar. 6- NAGLFAR- Harvest
Mar. 6- INFERNAEON- A Symphony of Suffering
Mar. 6- OCEAN CHIEF- Tor
Mar. 6- DARK FOG- The Ultimate Cult Of Psychadelic Psychosis
Mar. 6- BLOOD OF THE SUN- In Blood We Rock
Mar. 13- BATTLELORE- Evernight
Mar. 13- TYPE O NEGATIVE- Dead Again
Mar. 13- GRAYCEON- Grayceon
Mar. 13- MARTY FRIEDMAN- Loudspeaker
Mar. 13- MONARCH- Dead Men Tell No Tales
Mar. 13- UNSANE- Visqueen
Mar. 13- CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX- Sharks & Storms
Mar. 13- TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION- Zen and the Art of Total Fucking Destruction
Mar. 20- SABATON- Metalizer
Mar. 20- HASTE THE DAY- Pressure the Hinges
Mar. 20- DRAWING VOICES- Drawing Voices
Mar. 20- TWILIGHTNING- Swinelords
Mar. 20- DÅÅTH- The Hinderers
Mar. 20- DECLAN DE BARRA- Song of a Thousand Birds
Mar. 20- OTEP- The Ascension
Mar. 20- THRESHOLD- Dead Reckoning
Mar. 20- MIDDIAN- Age Eternal
Mar. 20- TROUBLE- Simple Mind Condition
Mar. 27- MACHINE HEAD- The Blackening
Mar. 27- BRANT BJORK- Tres Dias
Mar. 27- CLUTCH- From Beale Street to Oblivion
Mar. 27- SIDEBURN- The Newborn Sun
Apr. 3- MANOWAR- Gods of War
Apr. 3- FINNTROLL- Ur Jordens Djup
Apr. 3- OMNIUM GATHERUM- Stuck Here On Snake's Way
Apr. 3- SAXON- The Inner Sanctum
Apr. 3- VIRGIN BLACK- Requiem: Mezzo Forte
Apr. 3- SHADOWS FALL- Threads of Life
Apr. 3- REDEMPTION- The Origins of Ruin
Apr. 3- SLAVIOR- Slavior
Apr. 10- SANCTITY- Road to Bloodshed
Apr. 10- HELLYEAH- Hellyeah
Apr. 17- MANES- How the World Came to An End
Apr. 17- NINE INCH NAILS- Year Zero
Apr. 17- W.A.S.P.- Dominator
Apr. 24- DIMMU BORGIR- In Sorte Diaboli
Apr. 24- GROWING- Vision Swim
Apr. 24- STINKING LIZAVETA- Scream Of The Iron Iconoclast
Apr. 24- GRAILS- Burning Off Impurities
Apr. 24- MAYHEM- Ordo Ad Chao
Apr. 24- VITAL REMAINS- Icons of Evil
Apr. 24- PORCUPINE TREE- Fear of a Blank Planet
Apr. 24- MARILLION- Somewhere Else
May 1- RAMESSES- Misanthropic Alchemy
May 1- RUSH- Snakes and Arrows
May 8- IMMOLATION- Shadows In The Light
May 8- NEUROSIS- Given to the Rising
May 8- CAGE- Hell Destroyer
May 15- MEGADETH- United Abominations
May 15- LINKIN PARK- Minutes to Midnight
May 15- ANTIGAMA- Resonance
May 22- PELICAN- City Of Echoes
May 22- VINTERSORG- Solens Rötter
May 22- ORANGE GOBLIN- Healing Through Fire
May 22- ORTHODOX- Amanecer en Puerta Oscura
May 22- OZZY OSBOURNE- Black Rain
May 29- MAN MUST DIE- The Human Condition
May 29- CEPHALIC CARNAGE- Xenosapien
Jun. 5- UDO- Mastercutor
Jun. 5- SCORPIONS- Humanity Hour 1
Jun. 5- PARADISE LOST- In Requiem
Jun. 5- KAMELOT- The Ghost Opera
Jun. 5- DREAM THEATER- Systematic Chaos
Jun. 5- MARILYN MANSON- Eat Me, Drink Me
Jun. 5- DEVIN TOWNSEND- Ziltoid the Omniscient
Jun. 5- ION DISSONANCE- Minus the Hero
Jun. 5- BLESS THE FALLEN- The Eclectic Sounds of a City Painted Black and White
Jun. 5- CALIBAN- The Awakening
Jun. 5- CALICO SYSTEM- Outside Are the Vultures
Jun. 5- KILLWHITNEYDEAD- Nothing Less Nothing More
Jun. 5- MITHRAS- Behind the Shadows Lie the Madness
Jun. 5- NOCTURNAL RITES- The 8th Sin
Jun. 5- NORA- Save Yourself
Jun. 5- WOE OF TYRANTS- Behold the Lions
Jun. 12- SIGH- Hangman's Hymn
Jun. 12- PIG DESTROYER- Phantom Limb
Jun. 12- QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE- Era Vulgaris
Jun. 12- A PERFECT MURDER- War of Aggression
Jun. 12- ANTERIOR- This Age of Silence
Jun. 12- BAD BRAINS- Build a Nation
Jun. 12- FOREVER IN TERROR- In the Tides
Jun. 19- TOMAHAWK- Anonymous
Jun. 19- WILL HAVEN- Hierophant
Jun. 26- KING DIAMOND- Give Me Your Soul...Please
Jun. 26- ORANGE GOBLIN- Healing Through Fire
Jun. 26- 3 INCHES OF BLOOD- Fire Up the Blades
Jun. 26- SYMPHONY X- Paradise Lost
Jun. 26- MANTICORA- The Black Circus Part 2
Jun. 26- 27- Holding On for Brighter Days
Jun. 26- 108- A New Beat for a Dead Horse
Jul. 3- VELVET REVOLVER- Libertad
Jul. 3- ROSE FUNERAL- Crucify Kill Rot
Jul. 3- WINTERS- Black Clouds in Twin Galaxies
Jul. 10- BAD RELIGION- New Maps of Hell
Jul. 10- DARKEST HOUR- Deliver Us
Jul. 10- DANCE CLUB MASSACRE- Feast of the Blood Monsters
Jul. 10- ENGINEER- The Dregs
Jul. 10- GALLOWS- Orchestra of Wolves
Jul. 10- I, SLEEPWALKER- Snake River
Jul. 10- STILL REMAINS- The Serpent
Jul. 10- THICK AS BLOOD- Moment of Truth
Jul. 10- ILLOGIST- The Insight Eye
Jul. 17- MEMFIS- The Wind-Up
Jul. 17- SAMAEL- Solar Soul
Jul. 17- MONDO GENERATOR- Dead Planet: Sonicslowmotiontrails
Jul. 17- AKERCOCKE- Antichrist
Jul. 17- CANDLEMASS- King of the Grey Islands
Jul. 17- ALL ELSE FAILED- Good Enough for the Girls We Roll With
Jul. 17- CRUCIFER- Pictures of Heaven
Jul. 17- EPHEL DUATH- Pain Remixes the Known
Jul. 17- EXTERMINANCE- Vomiting the Trinity
Jul. 17- DEKAPITATOR- The Storm Before the Calm
Jul. 17- DESTROYER DESTROYER- Littered With Arrows
Jul. 17- BEHEMOTH- The Apostasy
Jul. 24- THE RED CHORD- Prey for Eyes
Jul. 24- NILE- Ithyphallic
Jul. 24- 3- The End Is Begun
Jul. 31- CLAWFINGER- Life Will Kill You
Jul. 31- MUNICIPAL WASTE- The Art of Partying
Jul. 31- DEVILDRIVER- The Last Kind Words
Jul. 31- 3- The End Is Begun
Aug. 7- THROWDOWN- Venom & Tears
Aug. 7- THE ABSENCE- Riders of the Plague
Aug. 24- DROID- Droid
Aug. 31- GOREFEST- Rise to Ruin
Aug. 31- HORSE THE BAND- A Natural Death
Aug. 31- THE AGONY SCENE- Get Damned
Aug. 31- AMORPHIS- Silent Waters
Aug. 31- PRIMAL FEAR- New Religion
Sep. 4- BARONESS- The Red Album
Sep. 11- ICED EARTH- Framing Armageddon
Sep. 11- ICARUS WITCH- Songs for the Lost
Sep. 18- HIGH ON FIRE- Death Is This Communion
Sep. 18- A LIFE ONCE LOST- Iron Gag
Sep. 25- ARCH ENEMY- Rise of the Tyrant
Sep. 25- TONY LEVIN- Stick Man
Sep. 25- DETHKLOK- Dethalbum
Oct. 9- OVERKILL- Immortalis
Oct. 9- SODOM- The Final Sign of Evil
Oct. 9- ALTER BRIDGE- Blackbird
Oct. 30- PUSCIFER- V Is for Vagina
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