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Danzig -- Sayreville, NJ -- December 26th, 2006

If anybody's interested in what songs he played, here you go. It's my usual not-in-order list... just what was played, since I can remember that.

The lineup was Danzig, Steve Zing (from Samhain) on bass, Kenny Hickey (from Type O Negative) on guitar, and Johnny Kelly (from Type O Negative) on drums, with Doyle (Misfits) on second guitar for the Misfits numbers. It was pretty awesome.

Danzig material:

Black Mass
Satan's Child
Her Black Wings
How the Gods Kill
Not of this World
Bringer of Death
Twist of Cain
Long Way Back from Hell

Misfits material:

20 Eyes
All Hell Breaks Loose
Astro Zombies
Where Eagles Dare
Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
Die, Die My Darling

Samhain Material:

To Walk the Night

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