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...and getting back to reality

What's with everyone complaining over this? Saying it gives metal a bad name? Please. Metal has NEVER been associated with being a good semaritan. The album covers are often derranged and twisted, the lyrics are usually about violence and satan, and the music itself is just loud and obnoxious. That's the style and always has been. If you don't like it then go listen to Taking Back Sunday or something.

Besides has anyone read the comments left by people who were actually AT the show? It wasn't even close to being as bad as everyone's making it out to be. Their skin didn't melt off, their insturments didn't disintigrate, noone was harmed. Yet there's people who leave comments like "those cunts should be shot" ... yeah, they should be shot, good job Trivium fans, you really know how to prove your maturity.

Maybe when you're the biggest band in metal you should pick some opening acts your fans actually want to see instead of trying to expand your audience.
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