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Originally Posted by MetalDrummer888 View Post
that is christmas

and ChildrenofSodom: Christmas is not christ's birthday . . . last i heard histrians put it around april . . . Christmas is celebrated at the time it is because early christians wanted to make the new religion more accessable to the pagans that inhabited most of germanic europe during that time period. December 25th was a pagan winter feast and only later became that celebration of christ's birth that we know today

so, christmas is number one "a time of brotherhood, love, and people generally getting along" as DethMaiden put it, second a celebration of the birth/life of Jesus Christ, and third a commercialized mess that wrecks any real gains in spiritual well-being made by the first two
I was typing my last post and you entered yours but it's still timely.

The specific origin of December 25th is unimportant unless you're trying to deconstruct Christianity instead of emphasizing the ultimate meaning of the holiday. What's your game?
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