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ROB HALFORD Reminds Us To Remember the True Meaning of Christmas

Source: Blabbermouth

I thought this was very nice:

Launch Radio Networks reports: It might seem funny to some people, what with all the black leather and everything, but JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford is really into the holiday season. He wishes the advertising was toned down, but he told Launch that the real meanings behind Christmas — peace and love, and the birth of Jesus Christ — are always on his mind. "It brings everybody together," he said. "Everybody's good with everybody else, and you kind of wish that would last for 364 days in the year, instead of just the one day of the year. For me, also, on a spiritual level, it's important because it's a special event that I know is commercialized, but at least we're always reminded what it's about. It's a time to feel excited about that, and what that event represents, what it means to humanity."
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