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Iron Maiden vs Judas Priest

Venom vs Dio

Heaven & Hell vs System Of A Down/Amorphis

King Diamond vs Dream Theater

Overkill vs Stratovarius

Rage Against The Machine vs Motorhead

Death vs Pink Floyd

Tool vs Anthrax

Blaze vs Pantera

Led Zeppelin vs Voivod

Opeth vs Megadeth

Edguy vs Testament

Slayer vs Queensryche

Helloween vs Gamma Ray

Black Sabbath v Rush

ACDC vs Children Of Bodom

You put Helloween against Gamma Ray. That was uncalled for. You will pay for this... I'm just not sure when or how though. Though no one will vote for them, Gamma Ray is about 5 times the band Helloween could've ever been. Kai Hansen was the genius behind Helloween and he took his talent elsewhere, to a band that has given us some of the finest true power metal albums ever made. Listen to the Land of the Free. I still respect Helloween for getting their first, band the band has released 1 good album in the past decade or more.
Also, people on this board are LAME for voting Masterplan out in favor of ACDC.
And yes, I left one or two blank, cause I really can't cast a meaningful vote either way.