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Dream Maiden List.

This took some time after listening to maiden forever (I used to have maiden hour at least once a week where I'd listen to straight up maiden for an hour, and got experienced at creating queus then) to make this list. After showing it a friend he told me to post it here.

Before posting it I'd like to make it clear that My true dream maiden set would be the entirety of Powerslave with encore of hallowed be thy name, blood brothers, 7th son, then # of the beast to finish.

Wasted Years
Aces High
The Wickerman
The Mercenary
The Prisoner
The Fallen Angel

Aucoustic Fates Warning

Quest for Fire
Mother Russia
Infinite Dreams
Iron Maiden


Hallowed be Thy Name

Aucoustic Flight of Icarus

7th Son
# of the Beast
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