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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
I believe that band was called "Black Sabbath", but I could be wrong. Hmm, lemme go check the CD covers............funny, says "Black Sabbath." Hmm, how about my vinyl copies...........hey hey hey whadya know, "Black Sabbath." They've even got it inside the booklets, and on the CD itself, and on the back cover, and on the inner sleeve, and on the LP, yeah, strange.

Amorphis is better anyway.

Iron Maiden
vs Judas Priest

Venom vs Dio

Heaven & Hell vs System Of A Down/Amorphis

King Diamond vs Dream Theater

Overkill vs Stratovarius

Rage Against The Machine
vs Motorhead

Death vs Pink Floyd

Tool vs Anthrax

Blaze vs Pantera

Led Zeppelin vs Voivod

Opeth vs Megadeth

Edguy vs Testament

Slayer vs Queensryche

vs Gamma Ray

Black Sabbath
v Rush
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