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Originally Posted by sneakbobcat View Post
wow, there are a few good ones there. But you still have the ones you don't want so much. e.g. I'd rather see something else that Leeches, Come Clarity, Trigger etc. It's a shame the guitarists are missing. I'd go see Lacuna Coil on that setlist though.
The replacements (the dude from Evergrey and the studio guitarist) were flawless. I couldnt tell the difference between them and the CD

I'm not going to do a review after all...but just as some tidbits..

-Seemless sounded like Godsmack with screaming.
-The Sword were the most epic band I have heard live. I will definetly buy their CD
-Lacuna Coil was awesome. My uncle, brother, and I met my uncles friend at the venue, and his band's bassist, his brother, and another fat dude were also there. Well, after Lacuna Coil played the first song, the fat guy told our group to clear out and he proceeded to 'stampede' to the front of the crowd, clearing a path for all of us. It was awesome.
-During Lacuna Coil I had my first moshing experience. It was just right, not like the Sepultura show. People were helping each other up, being courteous, shaking hands, overall perfect moshing.
-In Flames fucking slayed, and I moshed through them too. To you non-moshers that say moshing takes away from the music, you are wrong. Moshing intensifies the music. Fucking great stuff.
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