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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
Source: Classic Rock via Blabbermouth

Blabbermouth is running some interesting quotes from John 5:

"I loved going to concerts when I was about 13, and one of the bands I used to see was JUDAS PRIEST," John 5 said. "One time, I remember I was waiting outside their hotel in the rain after a show — and I saw Rob Halford coming towards me. So I was like [hysterical fanboy voice]: 'Rob Halford! Rob Halford! Nice to meet you!' He just walked straight past, and left me standing there in the rain. So I always gave him a hard time about that later on, when we started playing together in TWO.

"When I first heard Halford's voice, I just thought, 'This guy is incredible.' I even realized that when I was a little kid. He was in a class of his own. He has such an incredible voice, he's such a great writer, and he's a great person on top of that. He's one of the nicest guys I've worked with. He doesn't play up to any kind of offstage persona.

"I don't think people give Rob enough credit for what he did — visually — for metal. He's a very smart person. He said to himself, 'Okay — I'm not only going to capture the audience with my incredible voice and stage presence, but I'm also going to have a look that's gonna blow everyone away.' So he put on leather, spikes and bad-ass sunglasses, and came out on a motorbike, and it changed everything. If that look's become a cliché, that's cool too. I wish I could start a heavy metal cliché.

"I really cherish the time I spent with Rob in TWO [in the late '90s]. We'd hang out, go to lunch, write — just have a great time. And it's funny, because even though I worked with him so closely, he never stopped being an icon. There was always that element of, 'Oh my God — that's Rob Halford standing next to me onstage!' or 'Oh my God — I'm at the movies with Rob Halford!' We saw each other in Las Vegas recently and it's still like, 'Wow, there's fuckin' Rob Halford!' The king. The icon, y'know?

"He changed heavy metal. He changed the look. He changed the sound. He changed everything about it. It's kinda like Hendrix on guitar — Rob Halford did that for heavy metal. He changed it all."


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