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Iron Maiden -- Glasgow, UK -- December 15th, 2006


Differnt World
These Colours Don't Run
Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
The Pilgrim
The Longest Day
Out Of The Shadows
The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
For The Greater Of Good
Lord Of Light
The Legacy
Feark Of The Dark
Iron Maiden
2 Minutes To Midnight
The Evil That Men Do
Hallowed Be Thy Name

It was great. Right at the front. I'll show you some of the pictures. Trivium were nothing special but still good. Lauren Harris ok.
Thats the sum up of the whole night. Iron Maiden amazing ofcourse.
Steve Harris best member of Iron Maiden
Bruce Dickinson stopped singing during 2 of the songs.. 2 minutes to midnight was the worst, he stopped after a lot of the crowd were pushing and they all fell over and he lost his vocal cue. He seemed too concerned about the crowd to sing and gave us a big talk about how we shouldn't be pushing about as someone might get hurt. This led to claps and cheers from the crowd to show respect. Someone threw a cup filled with water over Bruce while he was talking to the crowd and everyone booed before Bruce picked up the cup, put his nose to it and said, "Water.... You Lightweight" to which the crowd laughed.
I bought a Maiden shirt at the End, but there was no special one for Scotland, or not an obvious one. I bough the tour T-shirt and i love it.
I'll add pics later.
13th Exploited
15th tbc
16th You Me At Six
28th Eric Clapton
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