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I like this quote (on another Dark Funeral tour): "During the Easter of 2007 Dark Funeral, the band whom most likely is entitled to the Guinness World Record for the band naming “Satan” the most in their lyrics, will arrive in Oslo to conquer the Inferno Metal festival on April 6th."

Dark Funeral had a bit of equipment trouble in South America recently, as in it was all confiscated. I don't know exactly why and I'm too fucking lazy when it comes to band to find. Ask Bouville.

The dates...

1/9 Jaxx Nite Club -Springfield VA
1/10 BB King Blues Club - New York NY
1/11 Le Medley - Montreal QC C
1/12 Campus De Charlesbourg - Quebec City
1/13 Opera House - Toronto ON
1/14 Peabody's - Cleveland OH
1/15 Pearl Room - Mokena IL
1/16 Station 4 - St. Paul MN
1/19 Boardwalk - Sacramento CA
1/20 Metro - Oakland CA
1/21 Key Club - Los Angeles CA
1/22 Galaxy Theater - Santa Ana CA
1/23 Clubhouse - Phoenix AZ
1/25 Bluebird Theater - Denver CO
1/26 Launch Pad - Albuquerque NM
1/27 Texas Avenue Live - El Paso TX
1/28 Sanctuary - San Antonio TX US
1/29 Ridgelea Theatre - Dallas TX
1/30 Warehouse Live - Houston TX
2/01 State Theatre - Tampa FL
2/02 Jesters Pub - Fayetteville NC
2/03 The Chance - Poughkeepsie NY
2/04 Webster Theater - Hartford CT
2/05 Mark's Showplace - Bedford NH
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