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Thumbs up R.I.P Chuck Schuldiner

Today we honor the death of the most important figure in metal history to have left us yet. I wish I could write something epic & fitting in this space, but I will keep it brief. Many thanks to Chuck for all the excellent music he has given us, for all he did to advance the metal genre, for writing some of the best lyrics of all time, and for being the true embodiment of everything that true metal stands for. He was a modern musical genius, and his record will be remembered and enjoyed for years to come. 5 years after his death of a brain tumor there are tributes & benefits being organized across the world to commemorate him, everywhere from Peru to Russia. Vader are also dedicating their concert tonight in Bucharest to Death. This alone goes to show the immense influence he has had in underground metal circles, and certainly will continue to have as long as bands are playing this style of music.

Thanks again Chuck, rest in peace

LET THE METAL FLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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