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First Baptized By Fire show!!

Okay kids, if you're in the area (which you're not, but still...) we're opening for Dead To Fall on Wednesday, January 24, '07 at Club Bijou in Toledo, Ohio. The show is at 6 PM. We'll have ticket information later this week.

We're really happy. This is a national show at a decent venue. It's mostly smaller national acts that roll through it (Black Label Society and Skid Row/King's X) are two that I know off hand that came through this year at Club Bijou.

Not a bad way to get started. It will be our first real show. We're playing a New Year's party, but it's a free gig, in somebody's basement, because we don't feel people should have to pay to see us for the first time (we're so good they'll want to pay to see us again a second time... right? )

Anyways, I'm stoked
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