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Ultimate Metal Band

This is a game which will decide which is the Ultimate metal band, I'm going to need help from the mods with this as the game progresses though, but I'll explain how it goes.
The first round begins with you naming your 10 favourite metal bands. It is down to your own disgression whether the bands you put in are classed as "metal" or not.

1. Tool
2. In Flames
3. Iron Maiden
4. Mastodon
5. Pantera
6. Velvet Revolver
7. System Of A Down
8. Black Sabbath
9. Lamb Of God
10. Killswitch Engage

Name 10 of your favourite all time metal bands.
Then we will commence round 2.
I'll explain the rules to round 2 and onwards as this progresses, you have until Friday to submit your 10. Then can i ask if one of the mods locks this thread. Thanks
13th Exploited
15th tbc
16th You Me At Six
28th Eric Clapton
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