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Twisted Sister -- Chicago, IL -- December 7th, 2006

After months of debating, and a last-minute decision, a buddy and I caught the Twisted Sister Ė A Twisted Christmas Tour. I was a little uncomfortable about what their set could include and worried that it was going to suck. I needed to see a set list real bad! I decided to risk it and take the three-hour journey back to Chicago for another show.

The show was at The House of Blues in Chicago, which is a small, but great venue with decent sound. I would guess that the place holds under 1,000 people, but Iím not certain. Last night, they had perhaps 400 in attendance. I was very surprised that 400 people showed up for a Christmas tour. One downside to the HOB Chicago is that they make everyone wait outside, prior to opening up the venue. Last night, it was five degrees Fahrenheit (-15 C) in Chicago. Normally, you can obtain a pass-the-line privilege and stay inside if you dine at their restaurant or stay at their hotel. Unfortunately, they had a private party that rented out their restaurant last night, which meant that almost everyone was outside. I decided to walk around their small gift shop for 45 minutes to stay warm. Fortunately, those who showed up and waited out in the cold were treated to a great show!

When the doors were opened, we waited for everyone to come in from the cold and have their tickets scanned. Then, we decided to head upstairs into the venue. The security guards stopped us and requested that we go outside, walk around to another door, and then proceed in. All of this to end up in the same damn place. On the outside, another security guard checked our driverís licenses and gave us each a wristband for alcohol. Finally, we entered the venue, got felt up by a female security guard (bonus!), checked our coats, bought a Sam Adams, and actually walked right up to the left-hand side of the stage. We were one of the last ones in the place, yet we were literally at the stage. I guess everyone else had their hearts set on those tables in the back.

After a crappy, riff-stealing opening act, Twisted Sister was finally ready to play.

Twisted Sister stepped on stage and started with Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas. Dee Snider walked out in a Santa Claus costume, opened up his sack, and threw out a bunch of condoms and candy canes for the good little girls and boys in the crowd. He then put down his sack, started singing, and took total control of the crowd. Dee was totally into his performance. When the second song started, he ditched the Santa costume and was in his outfit from his Stay Hungry days, with full make up. The second song was Shoot ĎEm Down, which was a nice surprise, considering the fact that I was expecting nothing but Christmas songs.

Most of the guys were in their make up and attire from their early days. Though the boys have aged, they looked well, with the exception of Jay Jay Frenchís wig. If you catch them on tour or The Tonight Show next week, you will see what I mean.

Overall, the show was fun. I was a little disappointed that they didnít have any midgets dressed up as elves. No disrespect to the little people on this board, but hell, Maiden had their little guy, and it wasnít even Christmas! The show couldnít compare to Maiden, Slayer, or anything similar, but it was a fun night. For those of you who grew up listening to these guys, go see them. Itís worth the time. Also, if you love collecting guitar picks from shows, like I do, these guys take good care of those individuals at the stage.

Here is their set list from Chicago:

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
Shoot ĎEm Down
Stay Hungry
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
The Fire Still Burns
You Canít Stop Rock ĎNí Roll
White Christmas
The Price
Oh Come All Ye Faithful
Under The Blade
Iíll Be Home For Christmas
Burn In Hell
Drum Solo
Silver Bells
I Wanna Rock

Heavy Metal Christmas (The Twelve Days Of Christmas)
Weíre Not Gonna Take It
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