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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
You'll like the show a lot I think, definitely your type of music I would imagine.
Well yeah, I have 3 of the 4 TSO albums, and I've heard all the praise regarding their live show, I pretty much know it's a magical experience particularly to my liking.
It's just bound to frustrate the crap out of me either way, cause 90s Savatage is superior to TSO, actually, almost anything else I've ever heard IMO... and the music will never recieve the showcasing it deserves again because TSO has run away with itself and Jon Oliva won't set aside the time for Savatage since TSO makes him a lot of money. Sad thing is I'm not joking. A few weeks ago Jon said in an interview, and I QUOTE: "I have 5 platinum album awards on my wall and none of them say Savatage, so why should I continue to persue it?"

Yeah, someone needs to eliminate him. I vote for Chris Caffery.
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