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ROB HALFORD On The End Of The CD, The New Album, & Never Wanted To Leave JUDAS PRIEST

Source: Metal Temple via Blabbermouth

Metal Temple has a GREAT interview with Rob Halford. This is a must-read. READ IT NOW, DAMN IT.

On the cd...This is gonna happen to everybody before they know it - I tell you. Itís not going to come along creeping and slowly, itís just gonna be within the next few years all the record companies are going to go "weíre no longer doing retail manufacturing of CDs". Youíre going to have to get everything that you want directly from Sony Music Online, Rob Halford Music Online, IRON MAIDEN Online... Maiden just released their record on Apple ITunes but admittedly they provided a CD format as well...

On leaving Priest.. The only reason why I stepped away from PRIEST, as you know the story goes... It was never my intention. I never wanted to leave PRIEST. It was the ugly contractual almost litigation condition that I was involved with, on purely words on paper. That forced me to step aside from the Sony contract and thatís when the shit hit the fan, so to speak.

Rob also talks a lot about the new album too. Kudo's to Metal Temple for this one.
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