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Atheist -- Baltimore, MD -- December 2nd, 2006

Once again I can't remember the order of the set because I didn't write it down, but as Atheist only has 3 albums I can tell you which songs they played. I'm not sure if any of you guys like Atheist besides ADD, but whatever.

(not in order, remember)

From Piece of Time:

Piece of Time
Unholy War
I Deny
(can't remember if they played On They Slay, they may have)

From Unquestionable Presence:

Mother Man (+bass solo)
Unquestionable Presence
An Incarnation's Dream
And the Psychic Saw

From Elements:


The set ran a little over an hour, hopefully I didn't forget any songs. They were fucking awesome, by the way. Kelly (the frontman) actually stopped the band twice to fix the sound mix--the guitars were too low at first. He apologized and was cool about it, and they sounded better for it each time, so it was fine. Tony Choy is a fucking madman on the bass, and his solo was pretty awesome. There was a shorter drum solo as well. Overall I'm really fucking glad I went to this show.

And by the way, this was the Auditory Assault Festival, by the same people who do Maryland Deathfest. I didn't feel like seeing any of the other bands, though, so I just showed up right before Atheist took the stage.
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