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Candlelight Requiem

I know I’ve been bombarding the board with shit related to my band… and I’m not about to stop. Sorry Anyways, today we recorded a new song (one of my mine, finally) – it’s called “Candlelight Requiem” and it’s the second half of “Messiah.” Lyrically speaking. It just sort of worked out that way…

Anyways, this is the first demo. The mix and mastering still has some work. It sounds pretty… fugly in some of the heavy spots. But otherwise, I’m pretty happy with the song. Lots of dynamics and stuff. I did all guitars and piano and take full responsibility for their craptastical properties

Another sleepless night; candles burn the hours away towards the breaking of new dawn
Shadows play up on my face; mocking all my deepest thoughts; I tire of this game
I’m still a prisoner wrapped in chains, the answers that I seek… just out of reach
The candle’s flitting flame reveals my twisted past. Will I ever make it out?

I need to break away… no turning back from what I’ve done
I cannot find a place to rest my head; alone, forever wandering


Voices of the dead; echoes in my dreams. A tortured being, I cannot breathe
The only way to put an end to this chapter of death… is with my own.


This is the first time in my life I can stand proud and upright; this fate is now my own.
With my salvation at the ready, I pray to unknown gods… thy will be done
2/24 - The Foundry
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