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Blind Guardian -- Philadelphia, PA -- December 2nd, 2006

Alright, time for another epic show review. Last night was a big night, and one that my good friend John (theclansman1114) and I had been anticipating for some time. Blind Guardian's A Twist in the Myth US tour.
We got to the venue just a little after 4. Doors were at 7 so we had a long wait ahead of us. There were about 5 people in line ahead of us, which wasn't bad, and they were cool people. HOWEVER, some lame people who thought they were special cut in line, and then allowed a dozen more people to cut in line with them. We were pissed, but really, there was nothing we could do. Doors opened promptly at 7, and once inside, my friend and I RAN for the front. Luckily, we both wound up front row, with our other friends around 3rd row.
It wasn't too long of a wait for Leave's Eyes. Speaking of them, I was not impressed at all. Nu-metal-esque riffs mixed with fairy-like operatic female vocals mixed with bad growling. It was just bad. Luckily there set wasn't too long.
About a half hour changeover then occured.
I'd say around 9-9:30 Blind Guardian took the stage. When the War of Wrath intro started up, we went crazy, shouting all the spoken word, though I seriously think we were the only two people there that knew them. Posers were everywhere. Regardless, it was a lot of fun. The band put on one hell of a show. Hansi often gets lazy live, but he's a pretty entertaining frontman, and also isn't afraid to joke a lot with the audience. We started a Majesty chant after Valhalla, and Hansi smiled and said: "How about.... No." Haha. It was annoying but quite funny. The band has a projection screen behind them that used different images and video footage to enhance a lot of the songs. Sound was very good, great stage presence, I was very impressed. Definately a great show. My friend and I both get set lists, and I purchased a Twist In the Myth tour shirt ($25) and a sticker ($2). Show ended just after 11 I'd say. I definately had a great time.

Set List:
Intro: War of Wrath
1.Into the Storm
2.Born In a Mourning Hall
4.The Script For My Requiem
6.Bright Eyes
8.Time Stands Still (at the Iron Hill)
9.Welcome to Dying
10.Skalds and Shadows
11.Another Stranger Me
12.And Then There Was Silence
13.Imaginations From the Other Side
14.The Bard's Song (In the Forrest)
15.Mirror Mirror

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