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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
They just completely sunk though. It's way too obvious. I'll still always love 'Something Wild' and 'Hatebreeder' though.

It's not just the fact that 'Are You Dead Yet?' is easily one of the worst rock/metal albums I've ever heard. It's the fact that they practically stole the title from Carnal Forge's album, the fact that they decided to tour with Trivium and go mainstream, the fact that Alexi seems to care more about money & drinking than the music anymore, the fact that they use to be so amazing and had such talent to totally piss it away for a chance to become stars. Fuck Bodom for selling out. I understand they want to make a living off their music (any band would), but to sacrifice the musical integrity for it in such an obvious way is beyond reconsilable.
There is no such thing as musical integrity. In an ideal world, artists would always make the music the fans like, but artists have something called 'artistic license', where they're free to do what they want.
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