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Queensryche -- Los Angeles, CA -- February 19th, 2005

3rd time is a charm!!! This was my 3rd time seeing Operation Mindcrime performed in its entirety live and I must say this was by far the best!!! The videos made it quite an experience!!!

The first set was as in previously reported shows of this tour:

The Whisper
Another Rainy Night (it was too!!!)
Take Hold Of The Flame
When The Rain Comes (it did!)
Jet City Woman
Last Time In Paris
Silent Lucidity

It was a good set but I wanted something else from The Warning or the EP. The guitars seemed a bit low in the mix to me. Geoff was fantastic on vocals!!!

The Operation Mindcrime set was spectacular. The sound was much, much better!!!!

The highlights of the show for me were:

Take Hold Of The Flame (it gave me chills)
Breaking The Silence (great guitar work)
The Eyes Of A Stranger (sounded absolutely AWESOME)

The guitar players were flawless on this night in my opinion. They pulled off some terrific solos and the dual solos were incredible sounding. Geoff was just on fire vocally. He sounded GREAT!!!!

Sorry I missed you Hot Turkey Ed!!! Like I said, I was at the mercy of someone else driving and we did not park the car until 7:50 since we encountered lots of rain and traffic on the way there. I looked for you but could not locate you at the gig. I'm sure there will be another chance someday

Lastly, I was shocked at the lack of Security!!! They were around but no search or anything unless we went through a metal detector without our knowledge
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