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Tool -- Glasgow, UK -- November 25th, 2006

The day started off great got up at 9am, went through to Glasgow queued from 1pm, being the first one there surprisingly. Doors opened 6.30pm and then soon after at about 7.45pm Mastodon took to the stage. They were very good and put everything into the performance despite a weak crowd reaction to start off with. Towards the end the crowd were really getting into it, and if they had played a few more songs it could have been so much better. The setlist looked a little bit like this, I may have got one error, and the order will be SLIGHTLY wrong maybe;

1.This Mortal Soil
2.The Wolf Is Loose
3.Crystal Skull
4.Colony Of Birchmen
5.Sleeping Giant
6.Capillarian Crest
7.Circle Cysquatch
9.Hearts Alive

Overall a great performance, but the crowd weren't as receptive as a glasgow crowd are with a moshpit only forming on the second last song - Megalodon, im wondering if that's because they didn't know the album Blood Mountain very well. I thought Mastodon were amazing, i wore earplugs for them because the bass drum was far too loud and was hurting my ears a lot.

The stage was being set up for Tool so i removed my earplugs. The show started with Maynard coming on, no gas mask. He was however wearing a luminous orange hoody. A very odd sight from Maynard but it looked very cool with the lights etc. Halfway through Stinkfist he took it off though.

1.Stinkfist (extended)
2.Swamp Song
4.Schism (extended with clean intro thing)
5.Lost Keys
6.Rosetta Stoned
7.The Pot
8.Wings For Marie
9.10,000 Days (Wings Part 2)
10. they did an instrumental song
11. Lateralus
12. Vicarious
13. Aenema

The lasers were amazing during the second half of the show. Rosetta Stoned had very good visuals and Maynard was doing a lot of acting on the stage with the songs, he didn't do this last time. Maynard and Adam were very lively surprisingly. Adam removed his sunglasses after the second song and was really into it. Maynard was very happy due to the lack of smokers.
There's so much to say about this gig about how good it was, but im going to leave it there, and if you are considering going to see them Definately do it, infact even if you aren't, go see them anyway. Crows were good, Lasers and visuals amazing and i liked how they changed almost every song live from what it was on the studio.. Aenema had an extended ending, Lateralus did too, The Pot had a cool intro and middle section was slightly different, and Schism and Stinkfist too obviously. Top class, after this gig, i have decided no band compares to Tool
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