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GHii div, you;ve saved me a fuclkulocad of evffore. Theis is dfeffintely one of those nghts, as tyou can plainly eem ass everyione's gonna make funof me for being odrunk . Butg you know what. ;m listeninf to rush's 2112 and lufe is good. yea, everyones gonna make fun of me for this one. and remember everyone, ojnly our hearts nad minds can get shit accomplished. enjoy your turkey, everyone, and enjoy my dunken stupor, cos I will feel so ashamed for it in the morning. Oh yea,

THree cheers for Pavo!!!!!

Get yourn laughs while youn can folos, this shitnhappens only every once in a while, as you all know.
I rate this thread: hidden dildog out of 10.
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