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Primus -- Chicago, IL -- November 17th, 2006

Last Friday, I took another three-hour trip to what I thought would be another run-down, dusty, dirty, and ancient Chicago venue. The place was the Aragon Ballroom and the show was Primus. I met a co-worker/friend and a few of his buddies there and headed inside.

I was surprised to see that the old ballroom was in great shape. It resembled a Spanish courtyard with balconies and ceramic tile everywhere. After getting felt-up by security, we headed towards the stage.

The stage at the Aragon is close to seven feet off the floor. It turned out to be too high for the guys that I was with, so everyone headed towards the balconies. After a minute of debating, I decided to go along with them to watch the show from above. I must admit that I was a little annoyed at not being at the rail for the show. However, during Primusí set, I saw that those individuals that I would have stood by at the rail had all taken their shirts off and were moshing most of the night. I donít know about the rest of you, but I donít like the idea of getting half-naked and bumping in to a bunch of other half-naked, sweaty men.

The show itself was great and the sound was actually good. My only complaint on sound was that Lesí microphone should have been turned up a bit. I have heard from many people that the sound at the Aragon sucks, but that wasnít the case when Primus played.

The highlight of the show was during De Anza Jig, when they broke into the South Park theme song. That was sweet!

Regarding the Aragon Ballroom, Les Claypool called it, ďThe Pirates of the Caribbean of venues.Ē If you've ever been there, I'm sure that you would agree.

Here is the setlist:

To Defy the Laws of Tradition
Space Oddity > Groundhog's Day
Mr. Knowitall
American Life > Cosmic Highway Tease > American Life
Seas of Cheese
Mr. Krinkle
De Anza Jig > South Park Theme > De Anza Jig
Spaghetti Western
My Name is Mud
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver
Harold of the Rocks

Wynona's Big Brown Beaver

Bass/Vocals: Les Claypool
Guitar: Larry LaLonde
Drums: Tim Alexander
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