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Geoffs mic was a smidge too loud too loud at times, but great show otherwise....I also got some looks and some horns from Wilton, though Brad made is seem like he had a mancrush on him.... I DID get a guitar pick, but I gave it to the girl that had met us there (which got me a hug ). The security guard gave me a 100 DR.X dollar bill, and a pair of unopenned ear plugs!!

All in all, great show. The first CD was good, but I thought it sounded better on CD than live, just because it is such a fucking cool album. I dont have Mindcrime II, but I will certainly be picking it up....The only negative of last night was that some drunk chick got beer on my jacket

oh...and I bought this... because I only brought 10 bucks, to buy a patch, but they didnt have any.....
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