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I got there too late to get a prime spot. I was on the second tier. You couldn't pack another person in that fuckin place with a shoehorn. And the two drunk guys who kept doing the "o-h....i-o" thing were annoying as hell, as well as their little impromptu song "Ann Arbor is a Whore." Tell ya what though, I hate downtown Covington with a passion. It's a dump, there's nowhere to park, unless you take your chances parking on the street, playing meter roulette, since there's an hour limit, (although they don't enforce it much at night,) and after the show there's cop cars and fire trucks blocking the damn street for 15 minutes. I knew there was a reason why I usually don't venture past "Mainstrausse."

Awesome show though.

Geoff's mic didn't work for the first half of Revolution Calling.
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