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Originally Posted by hot_turkey_ed View Post
Shockingly decent? That's an endorsement.

Quoting The Permanent Record:

Light This City directly supported Sonata Arctica. Last crossing my path at the Pound’s Cryptopsy concert as the opener, I now can’t remember why the fuck I liked them so much. Sure, a girl in the band always gets my attention but that’s not enough to keep it (usually). The set I heard from them last night conjured up the rhythms of the worst metalcore sellouts from the second stage of Ozzfest. Sure, the band had its moments but overall I fucking hated them. I can’t understand why but I REALLY liked them the first time around. I wasn’t drunk or anything. I just don’t get it.
I can't vouch cuz unlike a lot of my friends in 8th grade I missed out on seeing them play the local high schools and shit so I can't comment on how they sound live, but the new album has pretty much zero metalcore. Albeit the pretty much steal straight from the pages of At The Gates, but hey, better than stealing from the pages of Killswitch Lyrically its head and shoulders above anything else in that genre too.
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