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Originally Posted by ADD View Post
Light This City's new album is shockingly decent. Ed, I know you don't want to, but I strongly suggest nabbing it off iTunes or something, I have a feeling you will be surprised. Especially if they will be doing the CA shows, you need to be prepared anyways

On a related note my mom was at a dinner party a couple weekends ago and chatted with Ben Murray's (Light This City drummer) dad He passed up Berkeley to stay with LTC and make a career of it, and his parents aren't happy about that.
Shockingly decent? That's an endorsement.

Quoting The Permanent Record:

Light This City directly supported Sonata Arctica. Last crossing my path at the Poundís Cryptopsy concert as the opener, I now canít remember why the fuck I liked them so much. Sure, a girl in the band always gets my attention but thatís not enough to keep it (usually). The set I heard from them last night conjured up the rhythms of the worst metalcore sellouts from the second stage of Ozzfest. Sure, the band had its moments but overall I fucking hated them. I canít understand why but I REALLY liked them the first time around. I wasnít drunk or anything. I just donít get it.
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