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Originally Posted by anthraxmosher View Post
Operation Mind Crime is awesome. One of my favortie albums. When I heard they were playing it in its enitrety live, I wanted to go. But when I found out they were playing the 2nd Operation Mindcrime, I had to step back and think about it. Im not a huge fan of it, but from what ive been reading and bootleg videos and recordings ive seen,the songs sound much better live. Is that the case??? Sorry for all the questions, I just wanna know what to expect. Right now im about a week away from getting my ticket. Should be fun. Let me know about Mindcrime 2.
Oh, it's worth it for Mindcrime alone especially if you haven't seen it live before. Well, I do like Operation: Mindcrime II - as an album - but the songs are really cool live, and I would personally be surprised if you ended up not enjoying it. You might not like a few of the songs, but overall, it's pretty cool.
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