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Queensryche -- Cleveland, OH -- November 14th, 2006

TOUR: Operation: Mindcrime II
VENUE: House of Blues -- Cleveland, OH
DATE: November 14, 2006
REVIEWED: November 15, 2006

Act I
1. I Remember Now
2. Anarchy-X
3. Revolution Calling
4. Operation: Mindcrime
5. Speak
6. Spreading the Disease
7. The Mission
8. Suite Sister Mary
9. The Needle Lies
10. Electric Requiem
11. Breaking The Silence
12. I Don't Believe In Love
13. Waiting for 22
14. My Empty Room
15. Eyes of a Stranger

Act II
16. Freiheit Ouvertüre
17. Convict
18. I'm American
19. One Foot In Hell
20. Hostage
21. The Hands
22. Speed of Light
23. Signs Say Go
24. Re-Arrange You
25. The Chase
26. Murderer?
27. Circles
28. If I Could Change It All
29. An Intentional Confrontation
30. A Junkie's Blues
31. Fear City Slide
32. All The Promises

33. Empire
34. Jet City Woman

Last night I went to my second show of the Mindcrime II tour, and my sixth Queensryche concert overall. As to be expected, the band delivered the goods in amazing fashion.

This time I just went with one of my friends who hadn't gone with the group I took to Chicago back in September. Since he wasn't with us with the Rockenfield + Wilton meet and greet then, we went to the one in Cleveland before the show. We were 15 minutes late (damn traffic) but somehow were the first people to talk to the guys. Once we were done, there was quite a line! Even though I've already gotten some stuff signed by them, I was like "Fuck it, I'll get more!" I had Scott sign my Slave to the System CD, and I had both guys sign the Promised Land poster. Scott said he hasn't seen anyone bring that poster in for quite a while, and that's it always been one of his favorites. I like it too... that's why I had to take it off my wall to have them sign it

After the meet and greet we went to the House of Blues, ate a lunch, and got our receipt signed for Pass The Line. We messed around town for a while, and then tried to get in line. The bastardly staff kept shuffling us and a few others all over the place. We were first, but, they let two people in front of us. Fuckers. When they let us into the show they let SIX MORE people cut directly in front of us. How terrible is that? We ate before 3 PM there so we could at least try to be first, and we stood there waiting for hours, and they literally let people cut in front of us while they were letting us in at 7 PM. I'm very unhappy with their service for that. So rude

Fortunately, we were able to still grab a spot in front, just a little left of Stone. It wasn't a bad spot. A little change of scenery since I'm usually dead center for QR.

The show was great. The drum shield seems to really help the mix in the front for HoB. There were a few technical glitches. Stone lost his guitar for "Speak" and wasn't on stage. During "Murderer?" as soon as Wilton starts playing the little chorus riff his guitar went zzztzzzt and then was silent as he was playing the part. He kinda had a "god dammit" look on his face and walked over to the side of his stage. I'd say about 30 seconds later his guitar was back on. Both times the band played through the guitar problems without a hitch.

Geoff sounded great. To me his performance was a little better then his one I saw in Chicago, where he was struggling with a few things.

We got "Empire" and "Jet City Woman" as encores, which is sweet since last time I got "Walk in the Shadows" and "Last Time In Paris." I was glad to get a different bunch.

As always, Queensryche put on a good show. I love the Mindcrime II material live, and that was probably my last chance to catch the show, so I'm glad it was a good one
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