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Shades Of Twilight / Retaliation -- Tampa, FL -- November 17th 2006

Okay so last night was the Emergenza Batttle Of The Bands featuring my favorite local metal act ' Shades Of Twilight, ' as well as 7 other bands to compete for a chance to play in Germany and win a lot of money.

So me, my girlfriend Megan, and my best friend Cory all arrived to ' The Orpheum ' around 7:00 and had already missed the first band. They were called The M-II's or something and I heard they sucked ass.


Okay the first band we saw was called DC NORTH. They were emo, and were pretty fucking awful. All the little emo kids in the crowd though were digging them and I can't knock them for enjoying music they like. I could post their myspace but unless someone really wants me to I won't. They got a pretty good crowd reception because there were a lot of emo fans there, but not as big as I thought it would be.


After that shitty emo set, I was glad there was some metal coming up. I had heard Retaliation before, but tonight they were debuting their new singer. After they set up, they launched into their first song with a huge falsetto scream by their new singer. This guy was a fucking beast man. He sounded kind of like Ripper Owens. The only problem was since he was their new singer he hadn't learned all the songs so they one of the guitar players sang on two of the songs, and he sucked. Overall, they were pretty good but they were only setting the mood for the real heavy metal that would soon ensue. Oh, and they got a pretty good reception, better than DC NORTH. ( As a side note, none of the songs on their myspacehave thier new singer Manny, they all feature the guitar player Brent on vocals, who isn't that good. )


01. Graveyard For The ??? ( I can't figure out the last word )
02. Land Of Fire
03. New Song ( It was still untitled )
04. Into The Depths


Ah, my favorite local metal act. I have been best friends with these guys since like 7th grade so I go to all their shows. They hit the stage and Van walked up to the mic and said ' Hey, we're Shades Of Twilight and this one's called ZERO HOUUUUUUUUR! " And with that it began. The mosh pits started almost instantly and everyone started head banging and fist poundin. The place turned into a mad house. After the three originals, Van came out and started everyone clapping their hands and then the bass drum came in, and that unmistakeable bass line. Peace Sells baby. Everyone went insane for that song and Van and Cody didnt even bother to sing on that ' Peace Sells, but who's buyin ' part cause they couldnt hear themselves over the crowd. Then just when we thought it was all over the exploded into the intro riff of master of puppets. EVERYONE knew this song, and sang along. It was pretty damn magical. After they were done, they threw out shirts and picks, and I caught both. And the lady came up and said ' Who wants to see Shades Of Twilight go on to the next round? " The place fucking exploded. Every single person was roaring and throwing up their hands. It was a great moment for metal and gave me chills. To see a heavy metal band prevail through all the crap thats popular today is just fucking awesome.


01. Zero Hour
02. Let Osiris Be The Judge
03. Shades Of Twilight
04. Peace Sells
05. Master Of Puppets.

After they were done some christian punk band came on, but I don't remember the name and don't care. I don't even know why anyone even bothered playing after Shades. But anyway, another cool side note. The singer from DC NORTH came up to Cody who I was talking with and said ' You were incredible. Our hats are off to you, that was an amazing performance, congratulations. ' And I thought that was really awesome. Anyway, after that me and Cory and Megan headed home. And that's the end folks.

>: 4 8 15 16 23 42

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