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Originally Posted by MetalDrummer888 View Post
woa easy does it . . . sorry to piss you off so much . . . i bet that is hecho addi or allan made that post you wouldnt have gotten anywhere near as upset. . . i thought i had a position of familiarity on this board where i could speak my mind without worrying about people getting all upset, but i guess i was wrong

btw the tp smilie got updated
Speaking your mind and being a smart ass are two different things. "This isn't working" or "There are too many updates" or "The board's getting flooded" is different than "wow.. this is the worst addition I've seen... I'm getting really annoyed. ", especially in a small thread where I'm already publically acknowledging a work-in-progress and inviting participation. Hecho and Allan wouldn't make your post.... I would have a least gotten a crazy ass Sabbath picture (or che) out of Hecho. ADD? Maybe but I would have replied the same and just as pissed off, as I have done in a thread or two. The fact is you have a position of familiarity, otherwise I would have just deleted the post or dismissed it for n00bom. It takes a lot of time to do ANYTHING new and I'm not going to take unconstructive bullshit from someone in said position.

I'll fix the tp smiley. I hadn't noticed. I've also got to rehack my template to restore the normal bar. Also some minor image work for new buttons that aren't in my custom set..... that should probably be it for the effects of the upgrade.
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